Vacuum Sealer Machine G210 for Preservation Automatic Vacuum Sealing System,with Starter Kit Inclued 20 PCS Bags(grey)

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  • Multi sealing mode for all Freshness: "INCHING" manually controls the level of vacuum you want, for soft foods like bread; " Dry VAC" and “Mosit VAC” for wet & dry foods like frozen meat, vegetables; "Seal Only" for sealing without vacuuming; individual VAC.hose, suitable for most vacuum jar evacuation operations! (Tips: Please make sure the vacuum bag inlet is placed inside the vacuum chamber recess.)
  • Strong suction power , Sealing double detection: KitchenBoss vacuum sealer for food thanks to the highly effective vacuum pump and the out-performing motor, the vacuum packaging machine provides up to -70kpa of suction force to keep food fresh for 3x~6x longer than normal. Also good for sous vide cooking. (Tips: When pumping, please be careful not to let the vacuum bag cover the pumping port on the right side of the vacuum chamber)
  • Compact size , Multi- function: Overall size is thin and slimly designed. Add wire storage slots inside the body to perfectly solve the problem of power cord storage. It saves your kitchen valuable space when in storage. Kitchenboss auto food vacuum sealer can also vacuum seal bags with jewelry, coins, and other small artifacts as well as paintings and documents, protecting them from moisture and excessive exposure to air.
  • Fire, Heat resistant housing: This product’s housing is made from SUS304 Stainless steel + PC material which provides several advantages, including high temperature resistance and a guarantee for continuous working time. It reaches the food grade and REACH environmental protection standard.Also equipped with a spare high temperature resistant sealing cotton, so you can be prepared!
  • Attentive after-sale , Caring answer: Our vacuum food sealer machine provides the best preservation for your food. More assistance or information about KitchenBoss auto vacuum sealer please contact with our support, we’re proud for our after sales service, order it from KitchenBoss confident, we will always serve you here.