1: Can sous vide kill bacteria?

Sous vide is a great way to kill bacteria and ensure your food is safe while preserving flavor, tenderness, and natural juices. We already know the necessary temperatures to kill foodborne bacteria, and immersion cooking allows incredible temperature precision while preventing overcooking

2: Is sous vide bad for health?

After reviewing the considerable amount of research that's been done, we believe the answer is: It's safe. Although some types of plastic have been found to release undesirable chemicals into food, especially under high heat or acidic conditions, the bags that we use for sous vide cooking are not among those plastics

3: Why sous vide is good

The purpose of an immersion circulator is to heat a water bath to a precise prescribed temperature, then maintain that temperature throughout the time it takes to cook the food submerged in the bath. In order to do that job, an immersion circulator draws water from the bath, bringing it into contact with a heating element on the device. That water is heated by the element and spat back out into the water bath.

4: Why sous vide vegetables

The precisely heated water bath allows you to cook green vegetables until they are crisp-tender but still a vibrant hue. It also allows you to cook root vegetables to their tender ideal from end to end

5: Which one is better Sous vide vs steam oven ?

Oven cooking does not take as long as sous vide cooking, which could be convenient for weeknight dinners. Sous vide cooking keeps food moist and tender, because the water in the food doesn't leach out; oven cooking can evaporate water from food, leading to a tough piece of chicken or dry casserole.

6: What does Error Code means?

Error Code








Overheat alarm: the temperature of  Sous Vide's heating tube > 145 ℃ (293 °F)


Add water to such that the water level is above the MIN water line of the SOUS VIDE cooker.




Low water level alarm:

1.The Sous vide cooker starts up before being put into water;

2.The water line in the container is lower than the MIN water line of the SOUS VIDE.


1.Put the SOUS VIDE cooker into the water before starting.

2.Add water to make the such that the water level is above the MIN water line of the SOUS VIDE cooker.




Timeout alarm:

1.The set temperature cannot be reached after the heating tube is continuously heated for over 120 minutes;

2.Oversized container selection with too much water.


Replace with a smaller container or reduce the amount of water in the container.




Temperature sensor fault alarm:

NTC sensor abnormality or


1.Remove the plug from the socket, plug it back in and start up the machine again;

2.Contact our Customer Service Department for maintenance.




Possible Reasons




Machine cannot start Up


1.Check if the power plug is correctly connected and powered on;

2.Please confirm whether the water line in the container is higher than the MIN water line;


1.Replace the power socket

2.Add water to the water level between min and max;


After cooking for a period of time, the water temperature does not rise or the machine automatically stops


1.Machine not started

2.Low water level automatic shutdown protection.

3.Fault alarm and shutdown protection.


1.Confirm whether the cooker has started up and the indicator light of the “ON/OFF” key is red; .

2.The water level is too low, add water to the water level between MIN and MAX;

3.Check the fault code displayed on the display and take the corresponding measures above.

7: How to accesss recipe individualization on G320 ?

1 .In standby mode, Turn the smart dial anticlockwise (for G320) or press the “-” key (for G321/G322) to access the custom individualization recipes.

2.Turn the Smart Dial/Press the +/- key to choose the recipe to be set (Style 1/2/3/4/5).

3. Setting the custom recipe:

Temp Setting: 

  • Press "SET" once,the temperature display blinks.
  • Turn the Smart Dial  orPress the "+" or "-" key to adjust the cooking temperature.

Time Setting:

Press the "SET" again,the time display flashes.

Turn the smart dial/ press the "+" or "-" key to adjust cooking time.

4.Save and Exit (to save setting):

Press ‘ON/OFF’ once to save and exit the temperature & time setting.

5.Start Cooking:

Select the desired style and press ‘ON/OFF’ to start cooking a saved custom recipe.

 Tip: Custom recipe settings will be saved automatically.

8 :How to preset a meal ?

9 :Can I turn off temp setting?

If you are adjusting Celsius and Fahrenheit, press the ON/OFF button when the selection is ready.
If the question is different, please describe your problem in more details and we will do our best to solve it for you.

10: Why is there no indicator (sound) when it is time to insert food? G320

There is no indicator (sound) because it is not setting beep prompt. You can set it according to the video operation. Long press the "SET" button to enter the setting interface; then press the "SET" button to set the buzzer to the "ON" state. Click "ON/OFF" to exit.
If your problem is not resolved, you can contact our brand's customer service team to handle it for you.